Muràn Project


The Muràn project (Murano in Venetian dialect) comes from the DNG Group laboratories and the aim is to enhance the marine nature and infinite cosmetic properties it contains.

The sea holds among its seabed, a rich mantle of vegetation that provides to our body a variety of benefits. The queens are: algae. Appeared on earth about three billion years ago, they contain vitamins, proteins, minerals and are living organisms  naturally rich in iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium  essential for the organism’s development and for the purification of blood through the elimination of toxic substances.

The line Muràn introduces itself with an elegant and refined design thanks to the use of a glass packaging 100% recyclable and eco-friendly, recycled, embossed, certified paper, and countless marketing supports, some of which are handmade by glass craftsmen who convey the beauty and uniqueness of the Venetian tradition.

Muràn: a combination of tradition, art, technology and wellness that will take you to a heavenly dimension thanks to the aromas of essential oils and scents of pure and endless sea.

It is the first completely hot treatment, thanks to the engineering of a machine designed by our tech division that will allow you to make your customers dream the beauty of our country, the beauty of the sea, the beauty of Venice city that does not leave room for other thoughts.


Treatment based on Supreme Salt and Amber sea water, created to pamper clients with an exquisite aromatherapy treatment to meet their physical and mental needs. As well as cleansing the scalp, the Healthy line also brings with it the heady benefits of aromatherapy, thanks to the fragrance of pure essential oils. The fragrance and desired effect can therefore be chosen based on the tastes and/or needs of the customer, for a treatment that is exclusively personal.


Treatment rich in essential oils with vasodilating and antioxidant effects to boost blood microcirculation. The precious presence of Saw Palmetto oil stimulates the hair bulb and boosts the vitalisation process on the hair. The beneficial characteristics of Serenoa visibly hinder hair loss thanks to correct amounts of oxygen and balanced tissue nourishment.


A researched formula to hinder psoriasis, dermatitis, and flaking scalp, as well as areas of skin that are stressed and irritated, rebalancing the bacterial flora and relieving annoying itching. The treatment to be followed is specific for cases of dry or greasy dandruff, healing skin problems at the origin.


Dedicate to daily cleansing of the scalp, leaving hair soft and shiny for gentle, nourishing results. A refined formula made with the ingredients used on the Line, allow a daily use. For daily use, including frequent washing, without altering the flora balance on the scalp.


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