Treatment based on Supreme Salt and Amber sea water, created to pamper clients with an exquisite aromatherapy treatment to meet their physical and mental needs. As well as cleansing the scalp, the Healthy line also brings with it the heady benefits of aromatherapy, thanks to the fragrance of pure essential oils. The fragrance and desired effect can therefore be chosen based on the tastes and/or needs of the customer, for a treatment that is exclusively personal.

– Essential Sweet orange oil, which is useful to soothe the states of anxiety and stress accumulated during busy days, with its vital, fruity aroma.

– Essential Juniper oil: for a cool sensation that helps to soothe away muscle tension. Floral bouquet.

– Essential Sage oil, which is considered very effective when it comes to balance the female hormone system as well as an excellent natural relaxant. Mild, fresh bouquet.

– Essential Melaleuca oil: rich with fortifying, energising properties, for a feeling of wellness throughout the mind and body.

– Essential Melissa oil: useful for calming anxiety and mental and physical agitation. Intense, sweet perfume.

– Essential Lemongrass oil: for vitality and energy. Useful for soothing slight headaches. A fruity, effervescent aroma.

Amber sea water scalp cleanser

Healthy 01

Size 500ml / 16,91 fl.oz

Sterile Water solution, bacteria and mineral free, enriched with Alga Fucus (Sea Oak) for a cleansing action. With a pleasant amber fragrance.

Pour 25 ml of solution into the specific Muràn container and mix it with 1 1/2 teaspoons of  Healthy 02 salt and seven drops of Energy 03 or Purify 04 pure essential oils according to the problem found. Apply to the skin using the natural Daily 00 Mediterranean Sea sponge and rinse. Continue with the detoxifying treatment as required.

Supreme artisan salt scalp cleanser

Healthy 02

Size 250 g / 8,82 oz

Supreme Salt is a unrefined marine salt, made in the Trapani salt mines. It is unrefined and has no preservative or anti-thickening additives.

It has high sanitizing and purifying properties which cleanse the scalp by stimulating micro blood circulation and by detoxifying cells from toxins.

Pour 1 1/2 teaspoons of Healthy 02 salt into the specific Muràn container, allow it to dissolve in 25 ml of Amber  Healthy 01 sea water and add seven drops of Energy 03 or Purify 04 pure essential oils depending on problem or simply based on aromatherapy preference.  Continue with the detoxifying treatment as required.